VV Industries

Why Us?

why we are largest coconut exporter

1. Ideally located means, we are situated in the right spot where there in abundant supply source of raw material which are coconuts. We are located in Gobichettipalayam, in Tamil Nadu State of India which is close to Kerela and Karnataka.

2. We are the largest producer of desiccated coconut powder in India and one of the largest producers in the south Asia. Upto 50 Container load per month is our current capacities to handle.

3. Superior Grade Quality means something different from the normal manufacturers. This is simply achieved because of constant technology adoptions. We are able to produce absolutely delicious bacteria free desiccated coconut powder for exports.

4. 15+ Years of experience and expertise in handling desiccated coconut powder domestically and for exports. This means we know exactly what is required and we can handle your requirements at ease.

5. Cost Verses Quality Factor – For the kind of superior quality we manufacture, we are still in par with the costs from our competition from Vietnam or Sri Lanka. You might want to order a sample today.