Our Dessicated Coconut Powder is Delighting The World!

Dessicated coconut is a wonderful ingredient that creates magic when added to a wide spectrum of dishes, from curries to sweets. This is popularly used in many cuisines across the world especially Indian and Thai. At V.V. Industries, we offer high quality dessicated coconut powder that can bring that special taste and flavour into dishes that is much sought after. Desiccated coconut is consumed in large quantities by the confectionery, frozen food, bakery, food processing and consumer product industry.

The world over there are just a handful of countries where you find desiccated coconut powder exporters and India finds a place amongst them. The best desiccated coconut powder exporters are found in the Southern states of Kerala and Tamilnadu. V.V. Industries is located at Gobichettypalayam, Tamilnadu where it’s easy to source top quality coconuts as the growing areas are located close by.

Having been desiccated coconut powder suppliers for over 15 years, we have an edge when it comes to spotting top quality. Good quality dessicated coconut should be white in colour and must be free from yellow specks, black spots and any other kind of discolouration. Besides this, it must have the sweet aroma of coconut. Our stringent QA team handles this for us.

We are not just exporters but also desiccated coconut powder manufacturers with a modern state-of-art manufacturing facility. Here we are committed to producing dessicated coconut powder that will match up to exacting international standards.

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We offer high quality dessicated coconut powder with the moisture content is less than 3% that is much sought after across the globe.

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